Cynical abuse of athletes

Two years ago a scandal unfolded at the University of North Carolina that reflects what we have maintained for quite some time — the chase for money has corrupted ...

Pandering to voters

In an election year that has seen so many lows, one of the seldom mentioned ones is a persistent problem — the absolute pandering to voter ...

• CORRECTION: Thelma Kikue Koja, 94

Thelma Kikue Koja, 94 There was a couple of names mispelled in the original obituary that ran on Thursday, October 20th in The Maui News. She leaves behind to ...

Jean Desiree Twigg, 50

Frank Kamakea Williams, 76

Earth is all we have, let’s start thinking that way

Clear voting choices for County Council contests

Many pundits have said the 2016 election will be one of change. How do you feel about the need for change?