The right type of leadership

A post two years ago on Facebook struck us as showing a major difference between attitudes in the United States now and in past generations. The post featured a ...

Provide help, not a handout

As the issue of homelessness moves to the front burner of all levels of government in Hawaii, one distinction must be kept in mind: Society has ...

Healthwise Maui

Q: My middle school daughter came home from school and said they had been taught the “BE FAST” technique for recognizing stroke symptoms. I’ve only heard of ...

Sharing Mana‘o

Maui Connections

Danny-Dean Ho’opai, 65

Danny-Dean Ho’opai, 65, of Lahaina, passed away on January 9, 2019 at home. Danny is survived by his wife, Valerie Ho’opai, daughter, Malia Ho’opai; ...

Elizabeth Chavaria Pagan, 94

James Takeshi (Sumo) Tomita, 69

Wall is the best idea for border security?

So a $25,000,000,000 wall can be easily defeated with a $25 ladder. And this is the best idea from our dear leader for border security? It’s no wonder the White ...

Hiring practice at airlines makes no sense

Breakup result of church’s intolerance of homosexuals

Who is the most powerful politician in Hawaii today?

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