Radical rules a way of life

In the age of polarized politics and government shutdowns, an old playbook has been dusted off and is now embraced by all sides of the political spectrum. In 1971, ...

The right type of leadership

A post two years ago on Facebook struck us as showing a major difference between attitudes in the United States now and in past generations. The ...

Danny-Dean Ho’opai, 65

Danny-Dean Ho’opai, 65, of Lahaina, passed away on January 9, 2019 at home. Danny is survived by his wife, Valerie Ho’opai, daughter, Malia Ho’opai; ...

Elizabeth Chavaria Pagan, 94

James Takeshi (Sumo) Tomita, 69

Walls don’t make good neighbors

Good fences make good neighbors, according to Robert Frost. Walls do not, plus they do not work. Let’s start with the Great Wall of China. It didn’t stop the ...

New year arrives with more problems

Lets show aloha for Coast Guard caught in shutdown

Who is the most powerful politician in Hawaii today?

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