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At the time this nation was founded it was common for the colonial government to jail printers who dared to publish ideas that opposed official policy. It was called ...

Death in the dark

Quite a few news organizations have slogans that are intended to reflect their goals or missions. Some, like ours, are fairly innocuous — ...

Eight decades of change

Peter Ohashi, 80, is shown 30 feet up a kamani tree in the Pauwela Cannery Center parking lot. A retired MFD captain, Ohashi has been the ...

The State of Aloha

In case you didn’t see it yourself, I’m sure someone told you about it. And yes, there are social media posts galore. In case you haven’t read the paper, ...

Coordinated Entry — a strategy that houses people by priority

Healthwise Maui

Dionisio Yago Guzman, 75

There was an error in his job history and wife’s name from the obituary that ran in The Maui News on Sunday, February 17, 2019. He worked at the Hyatt Regency ...

Dionisio Yago Guzman, 75

Albert Jitsuo Higuchi, 95

How is growing and slaughtering cattle pono?

County manager, outsourcing could streamline government

Who is the most powerful politician in Hawaii today?

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