Best friend is a device?

Two attractive teenagers were strolling in front of Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center a while back. One would have thought it was a romantic moment, except the young man was ...

The story of a marriage

”I maintain that it should cost as much to get married as it does to get divorced. Make it look like marriage is worth as much as divorce, even ...

Sharing Mana‘o

Facebook asked, “Without saying your age, what is something you remember from your childhood that a younger person would not understand?” The answers were a bit ...

Incentives needed for retirement savings

Maui Connections

Joseph James Kalua “Joe” Friend, 60

Joseph James Kalua “Joe” Friend, age 60, passed away on Wednesday October 11, 2017 at his Haiku residence after a prolonged illness. Joseph was born on September ...

Jeannette Tsark Smith, 90

Mariano Udarbe Ubilas, 90

State should provide more information on road work

Trump’s view of own smarts not shared by others

Do you think the tax code of the United States needs to be reformed?