Road rage? Not here

Just a little while back we wrote about the perils of driving on Interstate 75 just south of Detroit. We concluded that the reason Michigan had such high auto ...

Forgetful? Join the club

Well, here’s a depressing thought: According to an article in The Wall Street Journal titled “Why We Keep Losing Our Keys; Absentminded at ...

The State of Aloha

Last month my friends were coming home after living on the Mainland for what seemed like years. My wife and I went to their homecoming party with flower lei, but I ...

Purchase of water company would be a good investment

Sharing Mana‘o

Joseph James Kalua “Joe” Friend, 60

Joseph James Kalua “Joe” Friend, age 60, passed away on Wednesday October 11, 2017 at his Haiku residence after a prolonged illness. Joseph was born on September ...

Jeannette Tsark Smith, 90

Mariano Udarbe Ubilas, 90

Finding comfort in appearance of police

In response to a letter Oct. 15, I find great comfort in the appearance of the Maui Police Department. I do not see a mass of thugs with obvious steroid use and ...

Conservatives portrayed inaccurately in letter

Maui has a new complexion along with a different voice

Do you think the tax code of the United States needs to be reformed?