Welcome to basketball fans

Thanksgiving week is always an exciting time on Maui — and not just because we’re getting ready to give thanks for all our blessings and fill the ol’ tank with ...

Echoes from Gettysburg

One hundred and fifty-four years ago this Monday, a president made a visit to a cemetery in Gettysburg, Pa., to commemorate a decisive battle in ...

The State of Aloha

From our vantage point, the highly mechanized armed conflict among the nations and empires that ravaged most of Europe and parts of Asia, Africa and, yes, even the ...

Giving thanks for county’s dedicated public servants

Sharing Mana‘o

Carolina Matulin Agonoy, 89

Carolina Matulin Agonoy, 89 of Wailuku, Maui, peacefully passed away on November 7th, 2018 surrounded by her loved ones. She was born in Dingras, Ilocos, Norte ...

Hilario Alforo Borje, 71

Yaeko “Alice” Fujimoto, 84

Emergency staff need to focus on patients at hospital

Judges on the Mainland have to run for election

Who is the most powerful politician in Hawaii today?

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