Share and enjoy a literary genius

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” — Dr. Seuss Theodore Seuss Geisel died 26 years ago this month. For generations, Dr. Seuss was ...

Work to make ACA ‘better’

As this is being written late Friday morning, Sen. John McCain has just announced that he cannot support the Graham-Cassidy Bill to repeal and ...

Maui Connections

Rarely have poetry and political activism produced such a fertile literary marriage as they do in Dana Naone Hall’s “Life of the Land: Articulations of a Native ...

Trump’s tightening legal noose

Ask the Mayor

Humiko “Lorraine” Fujiyama, 95

Samuel S. Kiyabu, 72

Thoughts about health care and climate change

Traffic flow could improve with a third ‘contra-flow’ lane on the pali

What do you think should be done about health insurance coverage in the United States?