Work to make ACA ‘better’

As this is being written late Friday morning, Sen. John McCain has just announced that he cannot support the Graham-Cassidy Bill to repeal and replace the Affordable ...

A significant date in history

Today is the 155th anniversary of a very important event in American history. On Sept. 22, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln informed states that ...

Ask the Mayor

Q: Lahaina no longer has a working railroad but of course the tracks are still in place. Turning mauka off the highway at Kapunakea Road (near Lahaina Cannery Mall ...

Policies need to make sense for the community

The State of Aloha

Humiko “Lorraine” Fujiyama, 95

Samuel S. Kiyabu, 72

Good reason to question 9/11 Commission Report

Various observations about life on Maui

What do you think should be done about health insurance coverage in the United States?