Perceptions are funny

One of the things that always amaze us is how one’s personal views color the way the entire world is seen. Take, for example, perceptions of this page. A ...

Mistreating vets again

Just as one thinks we can’t mistreat veterans any worse, along comes a story about the government forcing some of our troops to repay ...

• CORRECTION: Thelma Kikue Koja, 94

Thelma Kikue Koja, 94 There was a couple of names mispelled in the original obituary that ran on Thursday, October 20th in The Maui News. She leaves behind to ...

Jean Desiree Twigg, 50

Frank Kamakea Williams, 76

Greig-Nakasone deserves chance to serve on council

Roads and highways should get regular maintenance

Many pundits have said the 2016 election will be one of change. How do you feel about the need for change?