Maui pastry chef mixes it up on Food Network show

Were any of you watching “Halloween Wars” on the Food Network Sunday? Maui’s own Teresa “Cheech” Shurilla, assistant professor and pastry chef instructor at UH Maui College, appeared as one of the contestants in season three.

“When I first was asked to this TV show, I was so excited, then I wondered how it was actually going to be possible,” says Shurilla.

“The way in which they ask you to participate is cloaked in secrecy, which makes it even all the more intriguing!”

After her initial shock of going to participate at a high level on TV had worn off, the rest of the time was spent trying to do the most spectacular sugar and food that would showcase her talents.

“I wanted to participate at this level to show my students that I could, and bring back the experience and be able to use this as a teaching moment, which, for the most part, I felt pretty good at the walkaway after the show,” she says.

“You are pushed to the limit, mind, body and soul, and there is something almost liberating about going full speed ahead on a project.”

Shurilla knows about projects. She worked with her students on designing Halloween decorations (that are pictured at left); and she and UH Maui College Pastry Chef Christine Pafford will bake desserts for Noble Chef (see Page 18, for more details).

Wonder if she’ll appear on Sunday’s “Halloween Wars?” Nobody’s saying. But you may tune in at 6 or 9 p.m. on cable channels 60 and 321.