Sheraton to unveil resort menus by new chef team

Taste a dozen dishes, get two drinks at Oct. 7 benefit

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa’s new culinary team includes Chris Lederer (from left, first photo), Lyndon Honda and Mitch Cooper. • Sheraton Maui photo

Mark your date-night calendars for Oct. 7, when the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa in Kaanapali will be unveiling new menu items from its signature Black Rock Kitchen, Mai Tai Bar and Cliff Dive Grill — while celebrating its new culinary team at the same time.

Sample the fresh items with tastings of three dishes from each menu. In addition, Executive Chef Lyndon Honda, Executive Sous Chef Chris Lederer and Sous Chef Mitch Cooper will each showcase distinct styles by preparing a creation inspired by their childhood and climb up the ladder of the chef industry.

“Our culinary team has been working hard to reimagine our restaurant outlet menus, and we are excited to welcome kamaaina and guests to our resort to taste some of the new offerings, and get to know us on a more personal level through dishes that are close to our hearts and motivated by our individual experiences as chefs,” says Honda. “In total, you can taste 12 different dishes.”

For example, Honda will make matcha green tea and bacon okayu (rice porridge) served with tuna prosciutto, shrimp furikake, 64 degree sous-vide quail egg and parmesan shavings.

“I love this dish because it’s a modern take on what I ate as a child. My mom raised my brother and me, and we didn’t have much. Most of our dinners would be green tea, rice and fish that my mom could get from the fisherman for free. The parmesan and quail egg is my spin on it.”

One new dish is jumbo shrimp with local corn tamale, chorizo and tomatillo. • Sheraton Maui photo

Lederer will kiawe-smoke beef brisket to make Hawaiian pipikaula, and serve it with Kauai prawn, Andouille hush puppy and candied jalapeno pepper.

“Some of my fondest childhood memories are being with my brothers and walking through our yard as kids, with the smell of kiawe smoke in the air, as we went to unearth a pig from the night before. It’s special because now I have the opportunity to teach my nephews the same traditions I learned as a kid with the imu (underground oven),” he remembers. “I appreciate the time and love it takes to prepare something low and slow — and the brisket is a nod to my upbringing and heritage, with the pipikaula spices and kiawe smoke. I’ve always been a fan of Southern food and have been exploring new ways to incorporate those flavors in my cooking in an authentic way.”

Sous Chef Cooper will do MI Takoyaki, a spin on the ball-shaped Japanese snack of wheat flour filled with tenderized octopus, melted cheese, Yukon gold potato, dashi gravy, Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise, fried pickle and shiitake “bacon.”

“This dish is inspired by family dinners we had every Friday when I was growing up. I would watch my grandmother and mother in the kitchen, and always wanted to help, which meant peeling potatoes for mashed potatoes. My father would get home just in time to cook the steaks. I loved spending time in the kitchen with my family, and this dish pays homage to those gatherings, while incorporating an Asian influence with the tako and ginger that is representative of my cooking style.”

From the Black Rock Kitchen, try duck confit with bao buns, plum sauce, pickled red onion and cucumber; Korean chicken wings with kochujang ranch dressing; and more. From Cliff Dive Grill, taste quinoa salad; fire-grilled pepper tiger shrimp with Asian slaw; and roasted garlic-and-rosemary pumpkin hummus with pita chips and carrot sticks. And from Mai Tai Bar, savor grilled chicken sandwiches; sesame-chicken salad; and lemon-mac-nut hummus.

Cost of the event is $60 and includes two beverages, tax and gratuity. A portion of the proceeds benefits Save Honolua Coalition Maui nonprofit. For tickets, call 662-8059 or visit Kamaaina also get deals on dinner through September at Black Rock with valid ID.