Manoa Valley Theatre season opens with ‘The Full Monty’

Auditions for “The Full Monty” can be shocking. -- Photo courtesy of MVT

Kicking off its 49th season, Manoa Valley Theatre in Honolulu chose the rip-roaring musical comedy “The Full Monty” to open with a bang.

While spying on their wives, a group of unemployed steelworkers see how much they enjoy watching male strippers. Jealous, out of work and feeling emasculated, the men come up with a bold way to make some quick cash — they’re going to put on their own show and go the “full monty” or strip all the way.

These six loveable misfits will have you guessing right to the end if they’ll really pull it off.

The show runs Thursdays through Sundays, Sept. 7 through 24. Tickets are $40 for adults, $35 for seniors and military and $22 for 25 years and younger.

For more information or to get tickets, call (808) 988-6131 or visit

Due to the mature subject matter, you must be 16 years or older to attend.