Thank-You Letters

Aloha, great big mahalo to Samira and James who came out of the blue and found us next to the highway on the Oluwalu rock beach. My husband’s legs became weak and he could not get up from where he had been sitting. Alone it took over 45 minutes using a cardboard sled across the rocks to get him safely to our car. Your help is very much appreciated! Aloha and Mahalo, Linda and Carl.

Linda D. Kauhane


* * *

To the person who found my purse in Target’s parking lot and returned it to Customer Service. I want to express my heartfelt joy and gratitude. You are a great human being. There is hope in the world.

Gunta Bebrekarklis


* * *

Want to give a big “Shout Out” to the entire Maui Police Department and staff and special thanks to the alert officer who spotted and arrested the thief driving my truck within 2 hours of it being stolen. We feel lucky to have our truck back. So again, “Thank You” to all the officers involved in the arrest of this criminal and the Maui Police Department for doing your best to make Maui No Ka Oi.

Max and Leslie Parrott



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