Lahaina Galleries’ November artists

“Hana Surf Shack” by Ronaldo Macedo -- Photo courtesy Lahaina Galleries

People on Maui know Friday night is Art Night in Lahaina. It’s the time people can stroll through the town’s myriad art galleries and enjoy refreshments, pupu and maybe meet an artist or two.

Lahaina Galleries has its November line-up of meet-and-greet artists and it’s some of Maui’s and Hawaii’s best in their medium.

Sculptor Steve Turnbull will be in gallery Friday. Turnbull creates a symphony of line that flows in harmony with nature in his wood sculpture/carvings. Through his work, he hopes to educate and motivate future generations to see, value and preserve the beauty of the environment.

Plein air artist Ronaldo Macedo is “living the life.” He resides in Lahaina and most of his days are spent painting until he tires and then he surfs, fishes or sails. Make no mistake, he may seem the laid-back local guy, but with talent like his, Macedo is one of the most collected and respected painters in Hawaii and California today. Macedo will be in gallery on Nov. 10.

Seascape artists Roy Tabora finds his inspiration in the splendor of Hawaii’s tropical shores. He does, however, rely more on his heart than his eye in his artwork.

“I romanticize,” Tabora explains. “The scenes I portray are memories I have imagined . . . memories of when the footprints of men were not so prolific and deep.”

Tabora will set up an easel and paint while meeting the public on Nov. 17.

Finally, Italian-American artist Dario Campanile will be in the gallery from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Nov. 24. His long, distinguished career has included highlights such as a private audience with the Dalai Lama and, proudly, receiving individual praise and encouragement from Salvador Dali when Campanile was very young. His work ranges from the abstract to surreal to photo-realistic and to etched metal.

All of these artists will be in the gallery from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Lahaina Galleries, 736 Front St. location. For more information, call 856-3080 or visit