Cooking Channel airs Leoda’s

“I’m very proud of our Olowalu Lime Pie and the fact that it will be featured on television,” says Leoda’s General Manager Rosie Robbins. -- The Maui News / CARLA TRACY photo

Leoda’s Kitchen & Pie Shop in Olowalu will appear on the Cooking Channel’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” series on Monday, Jan. 8.

In its eighth season, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” will air episode three, “Life Changers,” revealing unforgettable dishes that changed the lives of those celebs featured. For instance, Alex Guarnaschelli names the dish that resulted in her being born. Fanny Slater explains why she wouldn’t get married without catfish and grits. Chef Jonathon Sawyer discusses how one dish changed the lives of over 200 inmates, while cake-ace Duff Goldman talks about the slice of pie that made him weak in the knees — and that slice was Olowalu Lime Pie baked by the expert staff at Leoda’s.

“The show is based on celeb chefs eating things that have changed their lives,” explains Leoda’s General Manager Rosie Robbins. “Duff said that our pie was the best he’s ever eaten. It was really fun, as we were able to tell the history of how it came to be.”

As the story goes, Olowalu Lime Pie was inspired by the citrus trees growing across the street in the orchard of one of the owners.

“First we started using the fresh juices, then we thought to make pies with it,” Robbins says. “We also have chocolate and macadamia-nut pies and banana-cream pies in personal and larger sizes, and we serve savory pies and sandwiches to enjoy here on premises or to take home.”

For more information, call Leoda’s at 662-3600.