Looking Back Through The Maui News

100 Years Ago

1918 — The Department of Education has asked teachers of the schools to assist as far as practicable in the work of assembling field glasses for the Navy.

75 Years Ago

1943 — A new lauhala products handicraft workshop for discharged tubercular patients who cannot return to their former occupations now is in operation on Maui. The market for lauhala products is good and is likely to remain so for many years.

50 Years Ago

1968 — Lahaina businessmen and those favoring the rules of the Maui Historic Districts Ordinance slugged it out verbally Monday at a luncheon with the promoters of a prospective $9 to $10 million Twin Tower 12-story high-rise, to be known as Hale Nani O Lahaina.

25 Years Ago

1993 — A humpback whale and its calf continued to frolic in Kahului Harbor this morning, a treat for cruise-ship passengers and amateur whale watchers for the third day in a row.

10 Years Ago

2008 — Maui County’s recycling coordinator is positive that the new food-can recycling program, allowing residents to assist in keeping empty tins of pet food, beans and soups out of the landfills, will be a success. “The public is thrilled,” said Hana Steel.

* “Looking Back Through The Maui News” is a weekly feature compiled by Jill Engledow.