Thank-you letters

Car wash

Congratulations to all the young men and adult participants who conducted the car wash at St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church on Feb. 3. Their endeavor cheered my heart.

The car wash is an annual event held about the same time each year by Maui Big Boyz Football League.

We came upon the event driving along South Kihei Road. A congenial adult and his smiling young accomplice held up and waved their fine large signs, inviting our seriously dusty car to participate.

Each stage of the car wash was staffed by a group of energetic young men supervised by an adult volunteer. No matter age or size, each attacked and accomplished his task with speed and vigor.

My heart filled to overflowing as these young men washed cars, unaware they were developing a rich layer of character!

Anyone who owns or rents a vehicle will surely want to support and enjoy this annual community event.

Mary Frances Watson

Maui visitor

* * *

Kind strangers

On Jan. 11, I stopped to get gas at Costco (in Kahului). Due to an on-going illness, I became nauseous and disoriented. The outside attendants — who were obviously well-trained — came to my assistance. They took my keys, called an ambulance, filled my car with gas, parked it in a safe location and locked it to secure my valuables.

I spent the next seven days in the hospital with good results.

I offer my deepest thanks to local people who were trained to care for their neighbors.

Robert Tomlinson


* * *

Great event

Mahalo to our generous Maui community for contributing to Ka Lima O Maui’s 12th annual golf tournament which was held on Feb. 24. Mahalo to all of our sponsors, prize donors and golfers! The successful event, which included more than 90 golfers, was outstanding.

Thanks to the Dunes at Maui Lani and Cafe O Lei’s well-prepared and professional staff. The greens were pristine; the food was delectable.

Debbie Wanderscheid, Marketing Director

Ka Lima O Maui


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