Business/In Brief • Sept. 19, 2013

HONOLULU – The Hawaii Board of Education is increasing the pay for assistant superintendents.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports the board voted Tuesday to increase the salaries of six assistant superintendents by an average of 3.6 percent.

Salaries of 15 complex-area superintendents also will increase but by less than 1 percent on average.

The board approved a 16.6 percent increase for the deputy superintendent.

BOE Chairman Don Horner says the one-time pay increases are for performance and the board is appreciative of their accomplishments.

Assistant superintendents had earned $115,000 to $120,000 annually.

Complex-area superintendents oversee two to four school complexes, each with a high school and feeder schools. They had on average been earning just under $119,000 annually.

Deputy Superintendent Ronn Nozoe’s pay will increase from $120,000 to $140,000.