Business/In Brief • Dec. 7, 2013

Airline to add 4th Brisbane flight

HONOLULU – Hawaiian Airlines is expanding service to Australia.

The airline announced Wednesday that beginning March 31, Hawaiian will add a fourth flight to its weekly nonstop service between Honolulu and Brisbane.

Hawaiian became the only U.S. carrier to offer nonstop service to Brisbane when it launched the new route last year.

Brisbane is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, a marine park of shallow reefs supporting sharks, coral, fish and many other species. It’s also the gateway to rainforests, Outback territory and the Gold Coast.

The airline says the expansion will add more than 20,000 seats to the Australia-Honolulu travel markets in 2014.

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Mayor signs bill restricting GMOs

HILO – Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi has signed a bill restricting genetically modified crops.

The mayor’s office says he signed the bill Thursday.

The Hawaii County Council voted to approve a bill restricting the planting of genetically modified crops to enclosed structures such as greenhouses. Critics say the measure will give growers elsewhere a competitive advantage.

Papaya farmers and others who already grow genetically modified crops would be exempted.

Kenoi says in a message to the council that the new ordinance conveys a desire to support community-based farming and ranching over global agribusiness corporations.