Business/In Brief • May 29, 2014

CEO Rosenblum of HECO plans to retire

HONOLULU – Hawaiian Electric Company’s CEO Richard Rosenblum says he will retire from the company within a year.

Rosenblum said Tuesday that he came out of retirement in 2008 to lead the company though its clean energy initiatives. He says the company’s customers are getting more than 18 percent of their energy through renewable energy, compared with 8 percent in 2008.

Rosenblum says he shared his retirement plans to allow ample time for a smooth transition. He says he is committed to completing the development of plans for the next phase of clean energy transformation.

Rosenblum is 64 years old. He joined the company after a 32-year career at Southern California Edison.

Constance Lau, chairwoman of Hawaiian Electric’s board of directors, says Rosenblum helped the company reduce its dependence on imported oil.


Air Canada unit to launch Hawaii route

HONOLULU – Air Canada says its leisure carrier subsidiary will begin flying nonstop between Toronto and Honolulu later this year.

The airline says Air Canada rouge will launch the twice-weekly flight on Nov. 26. It will be the only nonstop service between Toronto and Hawaii.

The company plans to fly Boeing 767 jets on the route.

Air Canada Executive Vice President Benjamin Smith said Tuesday that the subsidiary is best suited to compete in markets with low-cost competition and high demand from leisure travelers.

The company plans to have the subsidiary take over existing Air Canada nonstop service from Vancouver to Honolulu and Maui.

More than 500,000 travelers from Canada visited Hawaii last year.