St. Anthony faculty and students donate hair for cancer patients

St. Anthony Junior-Senior High School Action Team and Student Council recently held a kickoff rally for the Maui Youth Relay for Life that is scheduled to take place Feb. 16-17 at the War Memorial Complex in Wailuku.

At the rally, two faculty members and nine students donated their hair to Pantene for wigs for cancer patients. Pantene is the company that the American Cancer Society in Maui refers patients to when they need wigs.

Janice Pruett, student activities coordinator at the school, said, “This is a gift of love these young ladies are giving, so young girls and women will be able to have ‘real’ hair instead of synthetic when going through treatment. These ladies came to the rally beautiful, and left even more beautiful.”

Kathleen DeLima, a cancer survivor and teacher at the school, gave a testimonial on how blessed she felt to have these women come forward and give their hair. She said she was the recipient of a wig and it made a tremendous difference in her self-esteem.

Faculty members were Pomai Pruett and Stephanie Betancourt. Students were Marra AhNee, Destiny Mattos, Kaitlin Lopez, Selina Williams, Madeline Dixon, Hannah Parker, Rebekah Hallsten, Reanna Lallo and Rachael Lallo.

Stylists who donated their time and supplies were Cathy Hampton-Fujihara and Judina Haas, parents of St. Anthony Junior-Senior High students.

St. Anthony Junior-Senior High’s Honor Society will host a Survivor Dinner at the event on Feb. 16. Cancer survivors or caregivers may call the American Cancer Society in Maui at 244-5554 to register.

The Action Team students under the direction of the Maui District Student Council Organization, which is hosting the event, have four registered teams. To make a donation to a team, visit the website at For more information, contact Pruett at or call 244-4190, ext. 227.