Extrasolar civilizations topic of talk Friday at institute for astronomy

Astronomer Jeff Kuhn will be the featured speaker during a community lecture series event at 6:30 p.m. Friday at the Maikalani University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy in Pukalani.

Kuhn’s presentation is titled “Fermi’s paradox revisited: Where are extrasolar civilizations and do we have the technology to find them?”

Physicist Enrico Fermi speculated that the absence of any “proof” for extraterrestrial civilizations could be important news for life on Earth. Kuhn’s talk will describe a new idea for completing a nearby extraterrestrial cosmic census and describe some of the technology that exists today to undertake it.

The free presentation will be at the Advanced Technology Research Center at 34 Ohia Ku St. For more information, call 573-9500.