Lahainaluna freshman’s essay nets school $1,000

Lahainaluna High School staff members were recently surprised to learn that the school was awarded $1,000 for sports equipment.

Freshman Maleka Kuahuia-Morton wrote to KHON 2 news’ partnership with Subway’s Sports Tools for Schools, nominating the school for the award.

When asked why she nominated her school, she said she saw the excerpt on the local news and wanted to do something for the school, “because they do a lot for me.”

Although it is Kuahuia-Morton’s first year at the school, she has a deep respect for Lahainaluna, saying in her entry that “I honestly think our school has the best school spirit. We have the most supportive fans who don’t care if we lose or not.

“We may not be the best in other people’s eyes, but I think we are,” Kuahuia-Morton continued. “They have the sportsmanship. All our athletes are one team who have a big dream. No matter what happens in a game, they tend to start strong and finish stronger.

“Getting an opportunity like this would be a blessing for not just the athletes but for all the students who are also a big support. Once you become a Luna, you become family, and no one can break it. Lahainaluna is actually known for having a great athletic department, especially the coaches. Without them, it wouldn’t be complete. So, I hope you consider supporting Lahainaluna High School for I am a Luna!”

Kuahuia-Morton is the daughter of Molokai native Leimamo Kuahuia and Lahainaluna alumni Justin Phillips. She strives to live by the values of hard work and respecting her elders.

She has enjoyed getting “her feet wet” in her first year at Lahainaluna, adjusting to high school life and making friends with many of the boarders.

Hawaiian language is her favorite subject, and she hopes to join the Hawaiiana Club next year.

She also would like to participate in Lahainaluna athletics, wanting to join the softball and volleyball teams. Outside of school, she enjoys singing and spends time with her 11-year-old brother, participating in community activities.