Smokestack buy-a-brick deadline is Tuesday

The Pioneer Mill Co. Smokestack commemorative brick walkway will receive a new phase of engraved bricks in April. Brick orders must be received by the Lahaina Restoration Foundation’s office no later than Tuesday for those who want to be included in the upcoming installation.

Since June 2009, the community has purchased more than 1,000 personalized bricks through Lahaina Restoration Foundation’s Buy-A-Brick Fundraiser. Money raised helps fund the cost of the 2010 restoration of the Pioneer Mill Co. Smokestack and ongoing improvements to the surrounding grounds.

The foundation is also seeking recipients for 12 donated bricks. During the 2012 “Buy One Get One Free” special, brick purchasers were given an option to donate their free brick to a former Pioneer Mill worker.

Eligible recipients must be former employees of the Pioneer Mill Co. and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Recipients are able to customize brick engraving.

To request a donated brick, contact the foundation’s office at 661-3262 no later than Tuesday.

Brick-purchase options range from $125-$750. To buy a brick, visit or call 661-3262.