TEACH Maui transports injured native bird to Big Island

Ed and Evelyn Zayas of TEACH Maui Inc. in Kihei were part of a rescue effort to transport an injured night heron from Oahu to the Hawaii Wildlife Center in Kapaau on the Big Island.

The Hawaii Wildlife Center was granted state and federal permits to accept sick or injured native wildlife in late 2012.

The Zayases recently met with Linda Elliot, director of Hawaii Wildlife Center, to solidify an agreement to provide volunteer transport services to Upolo Point, an airstrip on the tip of the Big Island only about 10 minutes from the Hawaii Wildlife Center.

When the call came in on the morning of March 18 that a night heron needed transport to the center, the Zayases seized the opportunity to assist by flying from Maui to Honolulu, meeting up with a volunteer to collect the heron, and then flying it to Upolo Point, where it was handed over to the recovery manager of Hawaii Wildlife Center.

The night heron is reportedly doing well, according to a news release.