Maui Rotary clubs make presentation

At the recent Rotary District Assembly, which was attended by 70 Maui Rotary Club members, a surprise presentation was made to Russ Sumida, president-elect of the Rotary E-Club of Hawai’i.

The Rotary E-Club of Hawai’i is the newest Rotary Club in District 5000. There are 49 Rotary Clubs in District 5000, with nine on Maui.

Tradition has it, when a new Rotary Club is chartered in a district, all of the clubs in the district award the newest club $100 in seed money.

The presidents of the nine Maui clubs came onstage at the General Assembly, and Assistant Governor and Mistress of Ceremonies Joanne Laird brought Sumida on stage. The nine presidents then “showered” Sumida with the $100 checks.

“I am very touched by the incredible support from everyone in Rotary on Maui and a little overwhelmed by it all,” Sumida said.

For more information, contact Laird at 757-0981 or Hugh Chare at 572-3020.