Montessori School students learn about worldwide food distribution

Montessori School of Maui students participated in Earth Day activities April 22 designed to increase their awareness of environmental protection and the roles people play in protecting the planet.

Students ages 3 to 14 experienced exhibits on the various issues related to ecological preservation, presented by peers from the Student Sustainability Committee and guest speakers from the community. The young people learned about invasive plant species, the preservation of native animal species, recycling, electric automobiles and more.

As a part of the day, students also took part in “The World Lunch” and learned about the worldwide distribution of food among different socioeconomic groups.

Students drew slips and were separated into groups representing current world food consumption ratios. Most represented a group where food is scarce and were served only water, while others were part of the affluent segment of society and enjoyed a feast. The well-fed students then had the opportunity to share their overabundance with those from other groups, acting out a tiny microcosm of worldwide food distribution.

“We have conducted this activity with the students many times in the past and the results are amazing each time,” commented Rene Anderson-Vorfeld, head of school. “Some had more than they could eat while others had just rice or water. That is when the experiment of real society began and their interactions showed them the power of sharing, the experience of need and empathy and understanding for peers in other life situations.”