Fair reminds horticultural contestants to start seeds

It’s time to start growing your garden to compete in the Maui Fair horticultural contests, according to an announcement from the Maui Fair. There will be several contests this year, including the Giant Pumpkin Contest.

Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds will be distributed this month. The plant needs at least a 10-foot radius area for maximum growth.

Seeds can be picked up at the University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Office next to the University of Hawaii Maui College. Questions may be directed to Mae Nakahata at 281-9716 or Robin Shimabuku at 244-3242.

Upcoming contests will be announced over the few next months and seeds will be distributed at the time they need to be planted. They include:

*End of June

Best Tomato Plant: 12″-15″ hanging basket

Sunflowers – tallest plant, biggest flower

*End of July

Best Bean Plant (green and purple varieties) in a hanging basket or ground


Best Radish