Workshop to focus on restoration of plantation-era home windows

Windows are a defining feature of plantation-style homes, which were once prevalent throughout West Maui. Pioneer Mill built thousands of these simple, yet functional homes during its 139-year existence.

The windows were often single or double hung with small glass panes and framed with wood. Over time and without maintenance, these windows lose their functionality, and today many homeowners replace them with new plastic windows; forever changing their historic character.

In an effort to help owners of older homes retain their wood windows and bring them back to functionality, Lahaina Restoration Foundation will be hosting a free workshop titled “Repairing Wooden Windows” from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Agawa Home located at 255 Prison St. Lahaina Restoration Foundation is currently restoring this 93-year-old plantation home. Tours of the work in progress on the house will also be held.

Gary Lincoln, a builder who has restored many plantation homes throughout Maui, will conduct the workshop. Participants may bring their own wooden windows or work on the numerous wooden windows from the Agawa Home that need repair.

A work area will be set up in the carport of the home and refreshments will be available. All tools and supplies will be provided.

There is no parking at the location, which is at the very end of Prison Street next to the highway. Workshop participants are encouraged to park at the free county parking lot located at the intersection of Prison and Front streets, or on Wainee Street.

For more information or registration, call the Lahaina Restoration Foundation at 661-3262.