9 Rotary clubs install officers

Maui’s nine Rotary clubs are installing new presidents and boards of directors for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

The leadership lineup for each club is:

* Kahului – Paul Janes-Brown, president; Jocelyn Bouchard, secretary; and Kristopher Baptiste, treasurer.

* Kihei Sunrise Christine Pawliuk, president; Joanne Doell, president-elect; Joanne Laird, secretary, and Ed Corbett, treasurer.

* Kihei-Wailea – Stuart Karlan, president; Karlan, secretary; and Jim Calendra, treasurer.

* Lahaina – Art Ortiz, president; Jim Fahnestock, president-elect; Richard Jarman, secretary; and Rick Nava, treasurer.

* Lahaina Sunrise – Dr. Anne Biedel, president; Skeeter Stebbins, president-elect; Ann Neizman, secretary; and Judy Sheller, treasurer.

* Maui Dan Porter, president; Colleen Welty, president-elect; Anne Maie Caies-Alo, secretary; and Lisa Yoshida, treasurer.

* Upcountry – Robert Santry, president; Linda Shibano, secretary; and Dick Thompson, treasurer.

* Valley Isle Sunset – Wendy Acosta, president; Tsancy Lynch and Sarah Davis, co-secretaries; and Bryan Zoellner, treasurer.

* Wailuku – Karin Harris, president; Mark Sitts, president-elect; Priscilla Yamamura, secretary; and John Roberts, treasurer.

Presiding over the installation ceremonies at each club were District Gov. Phil Sammer and Assistant Govs. Hugh Chare and Laird, who also serves as Kihei Sunrise’s secretary. Each new president attended a four-day president-elect training in San Jose, Calif. They attended workshops to prepare them to lead their clubs in the new Rotary year.