2 students are Malone Scholarship recipients

Kalan Birnie and Angela Yasutomi are 2013-14 Malone Family Foundation Scholars, Seabury Hall has announced.

The award covers Seabury tuition, and the amount varies according to the financial need demonstrated by the student’s family. It is funded by a $2 million endowment by the Malone Family Foundation. The Malone Scholarship is available only to those students not previously enrolled at Seabury Hall.

This is the school’s second year of awarding this scholarship to gifted students who rank in the top 5 percent nationally and might not be able to afford a Seabury Hall education.

Seabury Hall is the only school in the state to receive this endowment.

Headmaster Joseph Schmidt surmised that “the Malone Family Foundation endowment is not only a gift to the school but a gift to the Maui community. Seabury Hall and Maui can both take pride in this accomplishment.”

Seabury Hall offers academically motivated students the opportunity to apply for a Malone Scholarship for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. Students applying for admission to grades 7 through 12 who would like to be considered for the Malone Scholarship must: demonstrate a record of academic excellence, exemplary citizenship, leadership potential, score at or above the 95th percentile on a recognized standardized test in reading and/or math, demonstrate financial need to qualify for funding of at least 30 percent of tuition, be a United States citizen and meet the admissions requirements of Seabury Hall.

More information about the scholarship will be available at Seabury Hall’s open house on Oct. 19. Contact the Admissions Office 572-0807 or send email to enelson@seaburyhall.org to RSVP. Or visit the school’s website at seaburyhall.org. The application deadline is Feb. 15.