Chevron’s Fuel Your School program launches in Hawaii

Chevron U.S.A. Inc. is launching its Fuel Your School program in Hawaii. During October, Chevron will contribute $1 to help fund eligible classroom projects when people buy eight or more gallons of fuel at participating Chevron and Texaco stations, up to a total contribution of $350,000 in Hawaii.

There are 11 stations in Maui County participating in the program this year, according to Carina Tagupa, community relations specialist for Chevron Hawaii.

“There are 10 stations of Maui and one on Molokai,” said Tagupa. “Although we do not have any stations on Lanai, the Lanai schools will fall under the Maui County funding programs.”

Chevron Hawaii is encouraging public school teachers to post projects on related to math and science for funding through the program. Chevron’s Fuel Your School program is also accepting projects related to other subjects such as increasing literacy competencies, and art supplies.

“At Chevron, we realize the importance of a quality education for our children,” said Tagupa. “We are proud to work with on the Fuel Your School program, which will help bring projects designed by our public school teachers to life. These projects can widen the possibilities offered to our students and challenge them to reach their full potential.”