Footprints installed as part of Pedestrian Safety Month

Ronald McDonald has put his foot down at dozens of schools across the state to remind keiki and other pedestrians to be careful at school crossings.

Ronald’s effort was part of McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii’s Pedestrian Safety Decal Installation Program, part of the State of Hawaii’s Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month in August, supported by the state Department of Transportation, the state Department of Education and all four county governments.

Ronald’s bright red shoe print safety decals can now be found at Hawaii elementary school sidewalks near crosswalks. The shoe prints are accompanied by a bold message in red and yellow to “STOP” and “LOOK BOTH WAYS” before crossing the street.

“We hope the decals will grab children’s attention and remind them to be aware of their surroundings before using the crosswalk,” said McDonald’s owner-operator Erlinda Rosario. “Crosswalks, especially ones around schools, can be dangerous because children aren’t always as aware of their surroundings and careful as they should be.”

The safety decals were installed with partner Grace Pacific on school sidewalks near intersections that have been identified as “areas of concern” by the Statewide Pedestrian Master Plan. Some of the installations were reinstallations of Ronald’s shoe prints, which were first installed years ago but have faded or worn off over time.

Participating on Maui were Kahului, Lihikai, Pomaikai, Kamalii and Wailuku elementary schools.