Native tree sale part of campaign

Plant a Wish, a native tree-planting project founded by Makawao couple Joseph Imhoff and Sara Tekula, is back for a seventh consecutive year with its Planting Christmas native Christmas tree sale and tree-planting campaign.

Maui residents and holiday visitors can begin to place orders on 3-foot-tall live, potted native ohi’a lehua trees that have been preselected for decorating and displaying during the holidays.

Participants are then encouraged to plant the tree soon after the holidays.

Each order includes free delivery, with all proceeds supporting the Plant a Wish project. Customers can request planting assistance, and those without a place to plant may participate with Plant a Wish at an active native restoration site on Maui.

Native tree dedications are also available, where a tree can be planted on Maui for a loved one. With this option, customers can choose between four different species of native trees, and recipients are sent gift cards and planting certificates.

“I believe it’s important for the greater Maui community – residents and visitors alike – to help restore the native ecosystem,” says Imhoff. “Planting Christmas is an easy way to do that. It’s like giving Maui a Christmas present.”

Imhoff’s wife, Tekula, continues, “I think it’s silly – and totally unsustainable – that many of us here in the islands support such a wasteful tradition each holiday, which in our case requires trees to be cut on the Mainland of the United States and shipped or flown thousands of miles to Hawaii. With Hawaii’s native habitats in such dire straits, it seems we can make a simple, conscious choice to reverse this and create a holiday tradition we can be proud of.”

For more information or to order a tree for the 2013 holiday season, call Imhoff at 250-1469 or email a tree order to

To purchase the trees online, customers can learn more and make secure payments at