SPCA Maui fix-a-cat clinics will continue in 2014

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Maui will conduct high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinics throughout 2014, according to an announcement.

The clinics will provide spay/neuter surgeries for Maui’s community, pet and feral cats.

“These clinics will help to reduce the projected cat population on Maui by hundreds of thousands,” said SPCA President Sue Liscombe. “The clinics will be held most Sundays in 2014 or until all our islands cats are fixed.”

Clinics will be held today and Jan. 12 and 19.

To reserve a space to fix a cat or to volunteer, call clinic director Peter Tierney at 280-0738 or e-mail info@spcamaui.org.

All cats need to be in hard-sided carriers with the caretaker’s name and phone number clearly marked and covered with a clean towel.

Cats should not have solid food after midnight prior to surgery.

“All cats receive an identifying tattoo and an optional ear tip to help identify them as owned, managed or cared for, and we now have the option to provide microchips and vaccinations too,” said Tierney.