Upcountry Rotarians to conduct e-cycling pickup

The Rotary Club of Upcountry Maui will hold a television and computer e-cycling event from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday.

The Rotary club will pick up unwanted electronic equipment for a small donation, while giving Upcountry residents the opportunity to support the organization’s scholarships and leadership training for Maui students, and other community projects.

This event marks the fourth year of these pickups.

Upcountry Rotarians, with the cooperation of the Maui County Electronics Recycling Program, will pick up equipment and deliver it to Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store Warehouse in Wailuku for refurbishment or recycling.

The club requests a donation of $5 each for small boxes of accessories and small items, such as keyboards, speakers, laptops and TVs up to 19 inches.

The club will accept $10 for medium-sized boxes of accessories and medium-sized items, such as monitors, computers and TVs up to 25 inches.

Larger equipment, such as TVs 26 inches or larger, will cost $15 to $20 per item for pickup.

Recyclables include items with electronic circuit boards – computers and TVs – and everything that attaches to them, as well as audio, phone and most office equipment. No appliances will be accepted.

In addition, the club will pick up batteries for an additional $5 ($10 for car batteries) for recycling at Malama Maui Nui (formerly Community Work Day) for those already arranging for pickup of electronic equipment.

Usable equipment is donated to Habitat families, schools or nonprofits. Items that are not usable or sellable will be shipped to the Mainland for recycling.

To arrange for pickup in Kula and Pukalani, call 878-2177.

Makawao, Paia and Haiku residents should call 298-2393.

The deadline to arrange pickup is Wednesday.