Recycled art contest winning entries on display at church

The winners of the Chair-ish Maui Recycled Art competition were announced Sunday at Makawao Union Church.

Jim Hestand won first prize with “Ode to Jackson.” In second place was Susan Lura’s “Aloha Beach Chair,” and Carolyn Ziegler took third place with an untitled piece.

The People’s Choice award went to Amy Mathis for “Fairies Among Us” and, in the children’s category, two chairs won awards – “Colorblock Splash” and “An Afternoon with the Cousins.”

The winning entries will be displayed at the church until April 27.

Wilma Nakamura, the Chair-ish judge and coordinator of the annual Art of Trash, said, “Transforming a rusty folding chair into one that conveys a vision or gives us a laugh, diverts it from the landfill for a few more years thanks to some very creative Chair-ish Maui participants.”

The entry fee included an old, rusty, metal folding chair. Entrants were instructed to decorate the chair in any style using any materials. The only requirement was that the chair had to fold and unfold when completed. The church supplied 23 chairs and 13 were entered in the contest that began in January and ended April 6.

For more information, contact Joy Webster at 572-6303.