Will Smith Foundation Gala raises funds for children

Two hundred fifty-five guests joined Will Smith Foundation founder Susan Moulton and her son Charles at the San Antonio Country Club on April 3 for the 5th annual Will Smith Foundation Gala. More than $185,000 was raised for children in need.

Waterman Hall of Fame inductee Archie Kalepa of Maui provided the keynote speech. He was one of the first responders to the 2007 automotive accident that took Will Smith’s life on Maui.

Kalepa shared his experience and the friendship that was forged with Moulton, Smith’s mother.

Longtime Will Smith Foundation supporter and Nashville recording artist Bryan Lewis and his brother Tyler performed music, joined by multi-Grammy Award-winning songwriter Wynn Varble.

The Will Smith Foundation was based on words Smith wrote in his journal when he was 8 years old: “I wish the kids in Africa had more things.”

The foundation has raised and distributed more than $1 million to children in need in Texas, in Africa and on Maui, the three places Smith called home.