Iao School presents awards to Renaissance scholars

Iao School recognized Renaissance scholars at its awards ceremony May 27. Davin Kiyabu is the Outstanding Renaissance Male Student, and Zen Angela Ribao is the Outstanding Renaissance Female Student. The Masao Okasako Award for Outstanding Community Service was presented to Cy Tamanaha.

The owners of Kona Ice Company, Arthur and Stephanie Thomas, were recognized as Iao School’s Outstanding Business Partner. The company has donated $1,863.70 to the Renaissance Foundation, according to a news release.

Here are the other Iao School student Renaissance Scholarship winners:

* Eigthth grade English language arts: First place, Meili Jahja; second place, Kyle Fuchikami; third place, Kaleimaile Eldredge.

* Seventh grade English language arts: First place, Jordyn Vierra; second place, Lexi Yokote; third place, Emi Sakumoto.

* Sixth grade English language arts: First place, Lauryn Ige; second place, Crizza Clemente; third place, Keili Barry.

* Eighth grade math: First place, Mindy Kimura; second place, Jade Peters; third place, Andrew Ordono.

* Seventh grade math: First place, Carl Antiado; second place, Darius Soo Hoo.

* Sixth grade math: First place, Lindsey Kimoto; second place, Jayda Cortez; third place, Cherish Kanae.

* Eighth grade science: First place, Nicholas Kawaguchi; second place, Tiara Kobayashi-Bautista; third place, Melody Kaina-Tianio.

* Seventh grade science: First place, Mykaela Padron; second place, Nikki Ooka; third place, Nathaniel Cremer.

* Sixth grade science: First place, Kylie Ginoza; second place, Audrey Reiss; third place, Melyssa-Anne Mindoro.

* Eighth grade social studies: First place Caitlin Villarosa; second place, Jaelin Ishikawa; third place, Alyssa Ordono.

* Seventh grade social studies: First place, Kimi Kimura; second place, Jacqueline Agorilla; third place, Shalei Lee Awai.

* Sixth grade social studies:

First Place Samantha Martinez, Second Place Jason Huynh, Third Place Cody John Sakamoto

* Eighth grade physical education/Health: First place Kiara Espeleta, second place, Darrian Cremer; third place, Torao Kahanu.

* Seventh grade physical education/health: First place, Alana Battad; second place Braden Nishimoto.

* Sixth grade physical education/health: First place, Sarah Sakakihara; second place, Kuikawa Ross; third place, Aubrey Santiago.

* Eighth grade fine arts: First place, Sarah Nassar; second place, Cy Tamanaha; third place, Justin Silva.

* Seventh grade fine arts: First place, Naomi Takakura; second place, Marcus Ayau.

* Sixth grade fine arts: First place, Danica Galindo; second place, Marisa Fillazar; third place, Sasha Kamaka.