Maui Community Band performs in Canada

The Maui Community Band participated in the Ladner Band Festival on June 7 and 8 in Canada.

Twenty-two musicians ranging in age from 15 to 72 took part in the invitational festival featuring 24 bands in Ladner, south of Vancouver.

The MCB was complimented for its innovative programming, which included a recently commissioned piece by Carl Strommen and a medley of Hawaiian waltzes arranged by the band’s own Siuai Laufou, according to a new release. Claire Barroga, one of the flutists, danced the hula to the “Hawaiian Waltz.”

“It was an honor to have been invited to such a prestigious musical event and a wonderful opportunity for the band to be able to compare itself to other bands,” said Lisa Owen, the group’s conductor.

In addition to the festival, MCB played a joint concert with Canada’s Delta Concert Band at Crescent Beach, another picturesque town on the south side of Vancouver.

Between the concerts, the band had time to visit historic Victoria and enjoy the snow in Whistler.

The next performance of the MCB will be on Friday in Lahaina for the fireworks show on the library lawn beginning at 7 p.m.