Iao school announces registration

Iao Intermediate School will hold its student registration July 16.

Registration will be from 9 to 11 a.m. for 8th-graders; 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for 7th-graders; and 2 to 4 p.m. for 6th-graders. Registration will be held in the school’s dining center. A parent or legal guardian is asked to bring a black or blue pen to complete all legal forms that are required.

All new or transfer students must report to the school’s main office to submit and sign legal documents (original birth certificate, original passport, release forms, transcript, report card and health record) and provide proof of residency. For more information, call 984-5610.

School fees, to be paid in cash, are $10 student government dues (includes a planner, lanyard and school identification photo); $5 class dues; $5 postage for quarterly progress reports and final report card; $25 for 8th-grade basic practical arts class; and $15 for a memory book (optional). Students must be prepared to take their school identification photo on the same day as registration.

During registration, prepayments for bus transportation and meals (breakfast, wiki and lunch) will be accepted. Beginning today, parents/legal guardians may apply or reapply for free and reduced-price meals for school year 2014-15. To expedite the application process, parents / legal guardians are encouraged to visit

Pre-sale of open house dinner tickets will be available for purchase on registration day.

Students taking a band class are asked to pay their fees separately: a $5 band fee for 6th-graders (fee will be collected by the teacher in school); $15 for 7th-graders, which includes a band T-shirt and the band fee; $30 for 8th-graders, which includes band fee, aloha shirt and band T-shirt.

Physical education T-shirts are required for all grades 6 thru 8.

Automatic T-Shirt Printing Co. will sell maroon colored “Dress for Safety” school T-shirts. Long-sleeved shirts and hoodie jackets with zipper are also available by request only. Cash only will be accepted. Additional T-shirts may also be purchased at the store on 207 E. Wakea Ave. in Kahului. Call 877-4478 or 264-6425 for more information.

Parking at the school is limited. Carpooling is encouraged.

The first day of school for incoming 6th-graders is Aug. 1; it’s Aug. 4 for all other students.

For more information regarding school registration, call the main office at 984-5610.