Lions clubs hold joint installation of officers

A joint installation of 2014-2015 officers for the Airport Lions, Haleakala Lions, Kahului Lions and Maui Lions was held at the ILWU Hall in Wailuku on June 20.

Installed as club presidents were Cecilia Hoopai, Airport Lions; Lena Staton, Haleakala Lions; Charlotte Pontanilla, Kahului Lions; and Loraine Krauss, Maui Lions. Past District Gov. Bernard Ho of the Honolulu Lions Club was the installing officer.

Other officers installed by the Airport Lions were Joe Frye, first vice president; Christopher Gouveia, second vice president; Lin Wilsey, secretary; Susan Kaili, treasurer; Patrick Fase, tail twister and Lion tamer; Joe Frye, membership chair; and Susan Paden, Kimo Kaili and Patricia Frye, directors.

Other officers installed by the Haleakala Lions were Kevin Saiki, first vice president; Kathy Harman, second vice president; Alan Fukuyama, third vice president; Caroline Sadiri, fourth vice president, Frank Hamasaki, secretary; Tami Hue Sing, treasurer; Eloisa Mizuno, tail twister; Hideo Ogata, Lion tamer; Mark Mizuno, membership chair; and George Okuyama, Mabel Kinoshita, Kelli Jones and Dana Hue Sing, directors.

Other officers installed by the Kahului Lions were Lee Matsui, first vice president; Leo Polo, second vice president; Angie Haramoto, secretary; Ray Rivera, treasurer; Ronald Tamashiro, tail twister; Mike Rodrigues, Lion tamer; El Izon, membership chair; and Mitch Tanaka, Ronald Tamashiro, Amy Ruidas and Louise Anbe, directors.

Other officers installed by the Maui Lions were Kristi Ota, first vice president; Robert Yamamoto, secretary; Chelsea Fernandez, treasurer; Joey Fernandez, tail twister; Irene Araki, Lion tamer; Jackie Yamamoto, membership chair; and Mabel Araki and Jodi Cambra, directors.

As part of their service to the community, the four Lions Clubs support various charities. The Lions focus is primarily on vision, and assisting qualified residents who need glasses is its goal. The Lions also screen the eyes and check the hearing of children in schools.

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