Ridge to Reef Celebration at Kahekili Beach Park

A Ridge to Reef Celebration and 5th Birthday Bash for the Kahekili Herbivore Fisheries Management Area will take place from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at Kahekili Beach Park (Old Airport Beach) in North Kaanapali. Transportation for seniors to the event, from Central and West Maui locations, is being provided by Kaunoa Senior Center. Call the center at 661-9432 to sign up.

This family-friendly event will feature an ocean-themed culinary contest, Hawaii’s second annual Seaweed Eating Competition, a reef snorkel tour with ocean experts, the Great Annual Fish Count, water quality sampling, a CFL light bulb exchange, interactive learning activities for kids, a T-shirt giveaway and a potluck. Prizes have been donated by local businesses and restaurants.

The KHFMA was designed to enhance the population of herbivores – animals that eat seaweed, such as surgeonfish, parrotfish, and sea urchins – in the area to reduce excess algae (seaweed, or limu) and improve coral health. Because the managed area is just one aspect that can contribute to a healthy ocean, this annual event now has a “Ridge to Reef” theme.

To learn about additional event activities and how to enter contests, visit www.facebook.com/KHFMA, or contact Liz Foote at 669-9062 or Lfoote@coral.org.