Thank-You Letters

I would like to thank Audrey Love for once again showing great concern for the well-being of members of our Maui community.

In May, safety crosswalk signs were installed in front of the Makawao library warning drivers of pedestrians crossing the street; those signs were installed due to Ms. Love’s efforts.

This time, her concern was directed at our keiki. Again, she contacted the right people and was able to get safety crosswalks signs installed at the crosswalks of both Makawao and Kalama schools. Just in time for the start of the school year.

Robin Foundher


* * *

Over the course of less than a month, several of us spent time with recent widows who lost their husbands here on Maui due to separate drowning accidents.

We would like to extend our personal mahalo to Janet Kuwahara of the Maui Visitors Bureau for assisting these three women in what needed to be done for them to be able to return home to be with their families.

She helped with airline reservations, cancellation of planned activities, rental car return and communication with the mortuaries for necessary arrangements. Without her assistance, these women would have had to endure many costly and painful delays before returning home.

We would also like to thank the Royal Lahaina Resort for its gracious aloha extended to the guests who were staying at the hotel. The managers, security personnel and housekeeping staff were all considerate of the need for privacy, provided for physical needs and went out of their way not only to provide for the guests but also for those of us who stayed with them overnight.

The Maui police assisted with each of these women, and we would like to thank them for their concern and compassion.

Since spending time with these women, we have become aware that visitors frequently encounter problems here in Hawaii. It is reassuring to know that there are individuals and agencies helping them during these times.

Naomi Ashman, Peggy Kuia, Layne Morgan

Crisis intervention volunteers

Pukalani Baptist Church

Thank-You Letters

Hale Makua Health Services would like to thank the First Hawaiian Bank Foundation for its donation of $25,000 toward procurement and implementation of an electronic medical records system. This very generous gift will help improve overall quality of patient care by allowing the organization to more efficiently document patient information and provide convenient online access to primary care physicians and other health care providers.

We are very grateful for First Hawaiian Bank’s commitment and support of Hale Makua Health Services. With the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act federally mandating electronic health records for hospitals and private physician practices by 2014, these funds are much needed. Medicare and Medicaid electronic health record programs provide incentive payments to eligible professionals and hospitals; however nursing homes and home health care agencies such as ours are not eligible.

First Hawaiian Bank has been a longtime supporter of Hale Makua Health Services’ commitment to providing care and a home for frail elders and disabled individuals on Maui. We appreciate the company’s continued dedication to furthering our mission to provide compassionate, personalized health services in our home and yours.

Tony Krieg, CEO

Hale Makua Health Services

* * *

The Rojas ‘ohana would like to extend a very special mahalo to our extended family, friends and community for their support of our daughter, Nikilani, at the Special Olympics USA Games in New Jersey in June. It was with your prayers, words of kindness and financial donations that Nik was able to participate and bring home the gold (actually, two golds, one silver and a team bronze) for Maui County! This once-in-a-lifetime experience will be cherished in our hearts forever.

And a very special mahalo to volunteer professional swim coach Marie White, who gave her heart and countless personal hours in training our girls and maximizing their full potential. She truly is an amazing woman, fabulous coach and great inspiration!

Charles and Toni Rojas

Parents of Special Olympics Hawaii Olympian