Zenshin Daiko performs two concerts in Japan

Zenshin Daiko traveled to Japan from July 16 to 26 to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The 52 members, family and friends made stops in Tokyo for sightseeing, and then visited Kanazawa and Maui’s sister city of Hachijo to perform in two concerts.

In Kanazawa, Zenshin Daiko was invited to perform in the 2014 Hakusan International Taiko Concert Extasia. It was an honor for Zenshin Daiko because normally only professional taiko groups from Japan perform at this concert, according to an announcement.

Taikio manufacturer Asano Taiko, a major sponsor of the concert, invited Zenshin Daiko.

While in Kanazawa, Zenshin Daiko had a chance to visit Asano Taiko’s facilities, which included a retail store, factory and taiko museum with some of the largest taiko in the world on display.

The next performance was at Hachijo Island for the Summer Festival, one of the biggest events on the island. Zenshin Daiko was representing Maui County in celebration of the 60th anniversary of a sister-city relationship.