Maui native elected into the Gold Humanism Honor Society

Maui native Dane Kurohara, who is studying to be a doctor, has been elected into the Gold Humanism Honor Society and will graduate as a member of the Class of 2018 at the John A. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Kurohara grew up in Wailuku and is a 2010 graduate of Baldwin High School. He earned a a bachelor’s degree in biology from the UH-Manoa in 2014, the same year he entered JABSOM.

Kurohara credits his upbringing on Maui with helping to prepare him to become a physician. “One of the things I’ve come to appreciate is the importance of the relationships we share with those around us. These connections are so very important because they not only describe our past and present, but also often influence our future decisions and how we define our character,” he said. “These relationships are what make each of us unique and contribute to each one of our ‘stories.’ “

Kurohara was inspired to pursue medicine because of the nature of the physician-patient relationship. “One of the biggest privileges in medicine is having the ability to assist others facing some of the most difficult moments of their lives, and to be a part of creating new solutions,” he said. “It’s really an amazing feeling to be able to develop long-term relationships with patients and to become a part, however small it may be, of another individual’s story. And we hope that the part we play is always positive.”

Kurohara said it is the people you meet in the course of your life that helps shape your future. “For me, this comes from my family and loved ones but also from teachers, mentors and patients (of all medical specialties) I’ve had the opportunity to work with.”

He lists Maui teachers (Barbara Huntley) and mentors (Drs. Gayland Yee, Kenneth Kepler, Pierre Langeron, Mitchell Tasaki, Amber Sakuda and Christy Takemoto) as some of the people who have offered him “endless guidance.”

“Everything I am is a reflection of the experiences that I’ve had the chance to share with each of them,” said Kurohara.

The Gold Humanism Honor Society recognizes students, residents and faculty who are exemplars of compassionate patient care and who serve as role models, mentors and leaders in medicine. GHHS members are peer nominated and are the ones that others say they want taking care of their own family.

More than 100 Gold Humanism Honor Society chapters exist at medical schools in the United States. The JABSOM Chapter was established in 2002.