Event benefits alternative prom

Hundreds of dollars was raised for an alternative prom for high school students at the first OUTWOD fitness event on Maui. Maui CrossFit Extreme in Wailuku hosted the Nov. 6 workout, which drew about 30 participants.

“The turnout was good, which is cool,” said Staci Fujimoto, head coach and co-owner of Maui CrossFit Extreme.

The event came together after Fujimoto received an email offer to buy a T-shirt and noticed the proceeds went to OUTWOD.

She read about the organization, which was started in New York City in 2011 and holds workouts around the world to promote fitness in the LGBTQ community and raise funds for LGBTQ charitable organizations.

Fujimoto emailed OUTWOD founder Will Lanier and asked about having an OUTWOD event on Maui.

As it turned out, Lanier planned to be on Maui in November.

Lanier, who formerly owned CrossFit affiliates, designed and led the Maui workout, which consisted of three partner WODs, or workouts of the day. 

People were partnered at random so some people who didn’t know each other got to work out together.

As part of the event, Maui CrossFit Extreme held a silent auction and bake sale, which raised $770 for the nonprofit Maui Pride to go toward the second annual alternative prom, said Maui CrossFit Extreme co-owner Lisa Setiawati.

The amount raised for the prom from the workout was still being calculated.

“The bigger thing for me in doing OUTWOD was to raise awareness in the community, to make it a safe space for people to work out, somewhere that’s all-inclusive,” Fujimoto said. “It doesn’t matter your race, gender, sexual identity, especially for the kids. They have to deal with so much as it is, especially being gay or transgender. 

“Finding somewhere to take care of their health and fitness shouldn’t be something they worry about. That was the goal — to give people a safe place to work out, someplace comfortable.”