The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has awarded Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui with an ‘Ahahui Grant in the amount of $4,000. The funds will be used for a communitywide cultural event: the Makahiki Games, traditional Hawaiian games of skill, stamina and strength.

The event will feature several traditional games presented by BGCM’s Paukukalo Clubhouse members. It will be open to the public with an emphasis on the Native Hawaiian community. The specific date for the event has yet to be determined.

The event will be the culmination of a four-week Native Hawaiian cultural program provided to the members of the Paukukalo Clubhouse. They will learn about the games to be played, do research on the history and cultural significance of Makahiki and create the informational displays that will accompany each game at the event.

“We are so grateful to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs for their continued support of Boys & Girls Clubs of Maui,” said Chief Executive Officer Kelly Pearson. “They have been great partners for us over the years, and we appreciate their interest in preserving the rich culture of Hawaii.”

* * *

Maui Preparatory Academy has been awarded $2,000 from the Maui Economic Development Board Ke Alahele Fund and Friends of Hawaii Robotics to engage students in curricular and co-curricular Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) content through the purposeful and effective use of VEX Robotics.

This program known as iPueo Robotics currently reaches over 40 students every year from grades 3 through 12. The iPueo Robotics program utilizes the VEX robotics educational platform to teach STEAM-related topics and disciplines (engineering, structural design, electronics, programming) through hands-on and project-based activities integrated with 21st-century skills (problem-solving, strategy, collaboration, teamwork and communication).

The purpose of iPueo Robotics is to increase interest in STEAM disciplines through a pipeline of opportunities that begin at the elementary level and move through middle school, high school, and potentially into college and the STEAM workforce. Maui Prep’s iPueo Robotics pipeline lays the groundwork for students who will be more comfortable adopting the inquiry stance, creative problem solving, and data-driven collaborative decision-making models, which are so crucial as foundations for STEAM careers.

Funding provided will support Maui Prep’s iPueo Robotics pipeline by providing the training and equipment needed to sustain a multilevel robotics program.

* * *

The Maui Farm Inc. has been awarded a grant of $25,000 through the Hawaii Community Foundation FLEX Grants Program. FLEX grants are awarded to recognize high-performing nonprofit organizations throughout the State of Hawaii, and to provide unrestricted funding for operating support.

The grant award was funded by the Robert Emens Black Fund. The grant supports The Maui Farm’s efforts to maintain a diversified funding base to sustain its residential and farm-based educational programs for the continued benefit of the Maui community.

“On behalf of The Maui Farm’s board of directors, staff, volunteers and the community members we serve, The Maui Farm gratefully acknowledges Hawaii Community Foundation for its innovative FLEX Grants Program offering a critical source of unrestricted operating support for nonprofit organizations,” said Executive Director Paula Ambre. “We are also most grateful for the continued generosity of the Robert Emens Black Fund, an important supporter of The Maui Farm’s mission and programs throughout our 20-plus year history of service.”