Japanese tea ceremony set at Wailuku library

A demonstration of a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony will take place at 2:30 p.m. April 23 at the Wailuku Public Library, located at 251 S. High St. in Wailuku.

This event will commemorate the creation of The Lillian Maeda Memorial Tea and Haiku Collection. Lillian Maeda passed away in 2016, after having been a vibrant contributor to Maui’s tea and haiku community for many years. This collection, in her memory, consists of an array of books and periodicals covering varying aspects of traditional Japanese arts and culture, with a focus on both the formal tea ceremony and the poetry known as haiku.

Collected from, and donated by, members of the local Maui tea and haiku communities, this collection will be maintained for the expressed benefit to local enthusiasts and students of these two major art forms. Both English and Japanese language volumes are represented in this collection, and all volumes will be available for public reading in the Wailuku Public Library’s Research/Reference section.

For information or more details, contact the library at 243-5766 or Bruce Purvis at 250-0530.