Mural depicts futuristic sustainability concepts

Facilitated through the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui, youths ranging from ages 8 to 14 explored Native Hawaiian cultural concepts and sustainable living through the design and creation of a new mural at University of Hawaii Maui College depicting ahupua’a with botanical and cultural elements.

The art instructors, Matt and Roxy Ortiz, are a husband-and-wife team who were born and raised in Hawaii and collaborate under the name Wooden Wave.

Matt describes the concept of the mural as a futuristic world in which the ahupua’a management system extends into the skies with the use of starships that utilize various resources for energy production. Each starship has a different resource that it collects, and therefore a different functional design.

Water, lightning, wind and solar are all harvested for energy production.

Participants also created individual art portfolios with instructor Malorie Arisumi, exploring sustainability topics including renewable energy, conservation and a plastic-free future.

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